Woodpecker oh cuffed rebellious

So I wanted to post an excerpt from my fabulously successful e-book, ‘Master Your DSLR Camera,” on the Writings page here because I’m quite proud of it and, well…it really is fabulously successful. It’s also rather excerpt-resistant, wrapped in a secure App Store layer over a core of proprietary Inkling multimedia wonderfulness.

Solution: I’ll find a pirated copy. Putting aside for the moment the ethical implications of trying to steal my own intellectual property, I am both frustrated and pleased to report there’s no easy way to do it. The few links I found pointed to obvious phishing traps and a members-only download site that looked pretty phishy as well.

With the exception of this Google Docs curiosity, which appropriates the title and cover image of the book but, curiously, none of the actual text. Instead, you get machine-generated haiku such as “Simple in much folded overcame roadrunner eclectically mastodon conditional” and “Lobster drunken flauntingly but and far a jeepers depending.”

Next step, I suppose, is to PDF-alize some screen grabs of the book. But for now, I’m going to ponder why I expended so much effort getting subjects and verbs to agree when free verse can be so oddly compelling.


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