About me

201208140008David Becker is a writer, editor, photographer and semi-professional pirate imitator living in San Francisco. As a writer, he’s responsible for “Master Your DSLR Camera,” a bestselling (250,000-plus copies!) e-book/app for aspiring photographers. His work has appeared in major magazines such as Men’s Journal, Wired and Popular Science, newspapers such as the Oakland Tribune and major Web sites including CNET News.com and Wired News.

Over the course of more than 30 years of committing journalism, David has:

  • Walked across hot coals.
  • Written stories that inspired changes in state and federal laws.
  • Been cussed out by Gregg Allman.
  • Helped get a governor impeached.
  • Received a Segway-riding lesson from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

As a photographer, David has participated in local exhibitions, sold significant stock photos and captured most of the images used in “Master Your DSLR Camera.”

As an editor, he has managed staffs of up to 10 writers and sub-editors and cleaned up miles of copy.

In his free time, he kayaks, reads and volunteers at education non-profit 826 Valencia. You can reach David at dbeck03@yahoo.com.